File Name
Acquisitions and Disposals Policy.pdf
Anti-fraud and Corruption Policy.docx
CCTV and Surveillance Policy - v1.1.pdf
Code of conduct v1.0.pdf
Complaints Procedure.doc
Coronavirus Policy.pdf
Data Protection and Retention Policy.pdf
Equality Policy.pdf
Fairmile Verges Policy.pdf
Filming policy - v1.0.pdf
Financial regulations v1.5.pdf
Flagpoles and Town Hall banners use policy - v1.0.pdf
General mooring conditions - v1.1.pdf
Grants and Free Use Policy - v1.1.pdf
Health and Safety Policy.pdf
Investment Policy - v1.0.pdf
Market Place - Seating Licence Policy - v1.3.pdf
Market Place Use Policy - v2.6.pdf
Memorial Trees and Benches Policy.pdf
Mooring Policy.pdf
Net Zero Carbon Emissions Policy v1.1.pdf
On-street Advertising Policy.pdf
Parks and Open Spaces Use Policy.pdf
Pension Discretionary Policy 2021.pdf
Public Participation Scheme v1.0.pdf
Reserves Policy v1.4.pdf
Scheme of delegation - v1.4.pdf
Staff Handbook v2.8.pdf
Standing Orders - v1.4.pdf
Strategic Risk Assessment v1.3.pdf
Tree Management Policy - v1.0.pdf